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The raw material for the Sanhaçu organic cachaça is produced in its own sugar cane fields. The sugar cane is milled and fermented in stainless steel vats with yeasts developed and multiplied naturally. naturally multiplied. During fermentation, the yeasts "work" to the sound of classical classical music. Scientific research proves the benefits that classical music provides to living beings.

The distillation of cachaça Sanhaçu occurs in copper stills, which provides special characteristics of aroma and flavor. The storage is done in barrels made of different types of wood, such as: oak, umburana and freijó. Buy our products through WhatsApp: 81 9 9226 6474

Cachaça Freijo


Cachaças Sanhaçu Freijó

Freijó is an Amazonian wood that together with the cachaça transfers little flavor, color and aroma leaving it light, with soft notes of wood.

This cachaça is ideal to accompany appetizers such as cheeses, salads, fish and crustaceans. and crustaceans. It can be tasted neat or in cocktails, not interfering in the final flavor of the drink.

Cachaça Carvalho


Cachaças Sanhaçu Oak

Oak is an imported wood. Sanhaçu uses American oak, which together with the cachaça leaves a woody flavor reminiscent of whiskey or bourbon.

Cachaças stored in oak barrels harmonize with spicy and succulent dishes.

Cachaça Umburana


Cachaças Sanhaçu Umburana

Wood found in various regions of Brazil. Sanhaçu umburana has notes of cinnamon with a a touch of spice.

The cachaça stored in the umburana barrel can accompany savory dishes, but its pairing is perfect with sweets, especially roll cake is perfect with sweets, especially bolo de rolo (a cultural patrimony of the state of Pernambuco) ice cream and fruit salad.

Sanhaçu Umburana is signed by the cachaça specialist Prof. Jairo Martins and its harmonization signed by Gilberto Freyre Neto.

Cachaça Origem

Origem ( Source )

Sanhaçu Origem

Sanhaçu ORIGEM, as the name says, is the origin of all the other cachaças of the engenho. It does not go through any wood storage, it rests only in stainless steel barrels for 6 months.

Cachaça Sanhaçu Origem has a higher alcohol content than the others, 47% v/v. It is strong and strong, but soft and smooth. Its aroma reminds us of the sugar cane field, with sweet notes of the sugar cane. The pairing of Origem, as well as most of the white cachaças, is with appetizers and citric fruits.

It can be enjoyed neat, and is also excellent for making cocktails, without interfering with the in the final taste of the drink.

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Cap Sanhaçu

Mini Barril Sanhaçu

Mini Barrel



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Kit Imperial


Mug Sanhaçu


Glass Shot

Cachaça Blend Nordestino

Cachaça Blend Nordestino 3

Limited Edition.

Cachaça Blend Nordestino

Cachaça Blend Nordestino

Limited Edition.

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Cachaça COMBATENTE de Caatinga

Cachaça COMBATENTE de Caatinga

Limited Edition.

Cachaça Guerreiros da Selva

Cachaça Guerreiros da Selva

Limited Edition.

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