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Produced on the property of the Barreto Silva family, in the municipality of Chã Grande - Pernambuco, about 15 km from the tourist town of Gravatá and 85 km from the state capital, Recife, Cachaça Sanhaçu has been certified organic since it entered the market in 2008.

The family has worked with organic agriculture since the acquisition of the property in 1993. Throughout years has been implementing the agroforestry management system that today is very well developed of native trees of the Atlantic Forest.

With the resurgence of the original flora, the property has become a natural refuge for native fauna of the region, where animals such as teju, marmosets, foxes, hares, and various birds, among them the sanhaçu among them the sanhaçu, which gave origin to the name of the cachaça.

Seeking harmony with nature and minimal environmental impact, Engenho Sanhaçu is especially concerned with especially with the waste, reusing almost everything in the cachaça production process. In addition, all the energy used on the property comes from renewable sources, such as solar and thermal. The distillery also reuses a large part of the rainwater.

With this commitment to the environment, Sanhaçu received in 2013 the Zero Carbon Certificate. A factory is open daily for individual or group visits. Our opening hours is from Sunday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.!

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Certificado Carbono Zero


Forest Carbon Non-Production Guarantee Certificate

Certificado Organico


Brazil Organic Product Certificate

OIA 2017 Orgânico Certificado

Certified Organic

Organic Product Certificate

Produção sustentável e Educação ambiental

Icone Energia Solar

Solar Energy

Engenho Sanhaçu is the first in the country to use solar energy for its entire production. There are 31 photovoltaic photovoltaic plates. In the history of Brazil, the first existing mills were powered by human traction (slaves). Next came those powered by animal traction, water wheel, steam, and electric energy. And for the first time in our history we have a solar-powered mill. The other form of energy (thermal) used at Sanhaçu is also from a renewable source.

Energia Renovável

Renewable Energies

The photovoltaic plates of solar energy, besides supplying the agro the agro-industrial plant, they also supply domestic consumption. And part of the sugarcane bagasse is the source the boiler, transforming it into thermal energy.

icone Horta

Organic Garden

The Sanhaçu family is one of the founders of the first organic fairs in the state of state of Pernambuco. On the property is kept a vegetable garden where currently the food produced is produced only for own consumption.

Icone Agroflorestamento


We are located in the "Zona da Mata" of Pernambuco, where originally the Atlantic flora dominated the flora of the region. Agroforestry planting seeks to produce food in the native forest environment. At partnership with SNE - Sociedade Nordestina de Ecologia, and with Carbono Florestal, Sanhaçu annually produces produces, annually produces, plants and monitors the growth of hundreds of fruitful and native seedlings of the Atlantic Forest.

Icone Produtos Organicos

Organic Products

An organic product is not only one that is grown without the use of agrochemicals. It is also clean, healthy, and that comes from a cultivation system that observes the laws of nature with agricultural on respect to the environment and the preservation of natural resources. Sanhaçu is part of the Association Terra Viva Association of organic producers.

Icone Água

Water reuse

All the water used for cooling in the production of cachaça is reused, thus providing an economy of more than 50% of the total volume.

Icone Reaproveitamento

Reuse of residues

About 1/3 of all sugarcane bagasse produced is used as fuel in the boiler. The remaining 2/3 are watered with vinasse and when added to organic matter, including the ashes from the boiler, form an excellent fertilizer, returning to the sugarcane fields as natural fertilizer.

Icone Bioconstrução


The most recent constructions of the mill were made with a sustainable technique called hyperadobe. a fast, simple, energy-efficient and material-saving type of construction materials.

Icone Preservação

Environmental preservation

All this care with the environment turned Sanhaçu into a true green oasis in the region. Food, shade, and fresh water is all that the native fauna needs.

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