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This is Sanhaçu

Produced on the property of the Barreto Silva family, in the municipality of Chã Grande, about 15 km from the city of Gravatá and 85 km from the state capital, Recife, Sanhaçu has been certified as organic since it entered the market in 2008. The family has worked with organic agriculture since the acquisition of the property in 1993. Over the years, the agroforestry management system has been implemented and today it is well developed, with examples of native trees of the Atlantic Forest.

  • Certificado Carbono Zero
  • OIA 2017 Orgânico Certificado
  • Certificado Organico
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    Cachaça Carvalho


    Cachaça Umburana


    Cachaça Origem


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    Award cúpula
    Award bruxelles
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    Award Pernambuco
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